Little Cabin

This cabin is located just out the back door of the Main House. The cabin has been part of the roadhouse for over 50 years, although we’re not quite sure just when it appeared. For most of that time it was ‘parked’ along the side of the Main House like a car. In 1996 we moved it into the back yard and on to the property proper. We do know that just about every other peril in Talkeetna has had a turn living in the cabin over the years (including the current Lady of the House!).

Little Cabin

The cabin now has a queen bed and twin size bed on the main floor, both of which have a clear view of the gas fireplace. There is a sleeping loft – accessed by a ladder – that has two full size mattresses. There is a desk, lounge chair, a TV with VCR (movies are stocked) and WiFi flows out to the Cabin. The front porch/ante room is equipped with a small refrigerator and microwave as well as bench seat with drop-down table. Four bathrooms with showers are just a few steps back into the Main House.



Winter Hours

CLOSED March 28 -->  otherwise, these are what our hours would have been: 

Rooms, Bunks & Cabins: nightly
Bakery: open daily 7am - 6pm
Coin-op Laundry: daily 8am - 8pm
Public Showers: daily 8am - 8pm
Full Breakfast daily: 7:30am - 2pm
Not Breakfast (Lunch) Daily: 11am - 3pm

Ginger Molasses Cookie Subscriptions still happening with shipments out every Tuesday.  Click above on the Bakery tab to get to the form.  Thanks!